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    PMUT technology | Audiowell new product launched----MEMS ultrasonic sensor AW101

    2022-11-22 Product Information

    On November 15, 2022, Audiowell released the PMUT technology product - MEMS ultrasonic sensor AW101 at the German Munich Electronic Exhibition (electronic 2022). At the same time, it was simultaneously released online in China.




    electronica 2022 scence

    In the online conference, Professor Yu Xiangyang from the department of Physics of Sun Yat sen University and Mr. Zhang Shuguang, General Manager of Audiowell, were invited as special guests for technical exchanges, and they shared around the PMUT technical product "MEMS ultrasonic sensor AW101"

    MEMS ultrasonic sensor: AW101

    MEMS ultrasonic sensor AW101 is a new generation of ultrasonic sensor product that integrates piezoelectric film as a functional film with silicon based MEMS (micro electro mechanics). It is manufactured by wafer level MEMS micro nano technology. A single chip has the function of ultrasonic transmission (Tx) and reception (Rx) multiplexing.


    AW101 product appearance

    AW101 characteristics

    The package size of AW101 is 4.2 * 4.5 * 2 mm, and the multi object detection distance is > 1m.


    Comparison of AW101 dimension figure

    AW101 process

    AW101 adopt MEMS manufacturing technologies such as film growth, etching and integrated packaging, and realize full-automatic packaging testing through full-automatic equipment production; The product can be reflowed and mounted with SMT process, with high production efficiency and guaranteed product consistency and reliability.


    AW101 manufacturing process

    AW101 performance

    The MEMS ultrasonic sensor AW101 can be used as a transmitting receipting sensor, and the sound pressure can reach above 98dB at 5Vop voltage. The field of view of AW101 is as wide as 180 ° panoramic coverage and supports 180 °/45 ° customized adjustment.

    More advantages

    1. Low voltage drive and low power consumption remote detection

    AW101 can realize low voltage drive and low power consumption sound pressure emission, and realize long-distance propagation in the air, which is suitable for medium and long distance obstacle detection.

    2. Arrayed multifrequency operation

    Due to its ultra small size and high consistency, AW101 can set more frequency arrays (such as dual frequency arrays) in a narrow space to provide a reconfigurable working mode for the application of the whole machine.

    3.High packaging reliability

    AW101 has IP67 protection grade and can be used in indoor, outdoor and industrial and other complex environments.

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