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    How do you make the smart atomizer with high efficiency and low energy?

    2021-05-24 Product Information

    As the arrival of autumn and winter season, heating or air condition is an indispensable part in peoples' daily lives. Indoor air humidity will be greatly reduced under the dual effects of seasonal drying and dehumidification by heating equipment. If people stay in the environment with too low humidity for a long time, it is easy to have bad effects on the body.


    Atomization humidification can quickly improve indoor humidity and help people avoid the health hazards of dry environment. It can form complementary functions with air purifier, fresh air system, heating, air conditioning and other electrical appliances in indoor environment regulation, and improve living "soft" conditions. 

    Today, We would like to share a technical test and brief comment on humidification atomization scheme by using Audiowell intelligent atomizer which is highly praised by the industry.


    Product Name: smart atomizer

    Model: UM0108

    Due to the different surface tension of liquid solution and the difference of tap water quality in different places, in order to avoid the influence of objective factors, the water samples were  prepared according to the method specified in GB / T 23119, and the total hardness of water was (1.50 ± 0.20) mmol / L (Ca2 + / Mg2 +).

    Energy conversion efficiency: high

    Humidification efficiency is the key technical standard to measure the advantages and disadvantages of a humidification atomization scheme. It refers to the conversion efficiency of humidifying atomizing device under the premise of rated power input in unit time. In short, it refers to the amount of atomization of humidifying atomizing device under certain conditions. (refer to the following figure: calculation formula of Chinese national standard GB / T 23332-2018 humidifier)

    The test results show that the vibration frequency of the atomizer is 1.7MHz, the input power is 18W, and the atomization amount is 300ml / h, which is far higher than the market products with the same power, and it is in the leading position in the industry. According to the formula of humidification efficiency, η = 300÷18≈16.667. In China national standard "GB/T 23332-2018 Humidifier" (as shown in the figure below), the humidification efficiency range of each gradient of ultrasonic humidification scheme is "7~13.5", while the actual humidification efficiency of Audiowell intelligent atomizer head has reached "16" that far exceeding the national "A" standard.

    Working energy consumption: Economy

    The energy efficiency ratio of the atomization scheme is the ratio of energy conversion efficiency. The larger energy efficiency ratio is, the more electric energy will be saved. In the era of the pursuit of environmental protection and energy saving, household electricity has gradually become one of the focus of attention, and atomization scheme is no exception.

    Audiowell intelligent atomizer with output atomization capacity of 300ml / h, input power of only 18W, maximum working current of 0.58A, low energy consumption, high safety performance and conversion efficiency, which belongs to the atomization scheme with high efficiency and energy ratio. The common atomization volume in the market reaches 300ml/h, and the atomization scheme needs 28W power input. The heat and infrared radiation generated by the high-power input will shorten the service life of the atomized products. It may cause water leakage which would lead to unnecessary safety accidents if the temperature is too high.

    As a provider of high-quality atomization solutions, Audiowell atomization tablets have an annual sales volume of 30000000 pieces, which is in the leading position in the humidification atomization market. In the future, Audiowell will continue to increase investment in technology research and development to provide people with a comfortable and convenient intelligent living environment.

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