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    Audiowell Ceramic Transducer surprises at Enlit Europe 2022

    2022-11-30 Exhibition

    The exhibition was held in Frankfurt, Germany until December 1, when Audiowell showed Ceramic Transducer on the spot, which was amazing to the audience. Next, let's learn about this special material transducer.


    Booth information

    Time: November 21- December 1, 2022

    Venue: Frankfurt am Main, Germany(Hall12.1)


    Ceramic Transducer

    The Ceramic Transducer is a kind of flow sensor based on new material technology. The product shell is made of ceramic, which is resistant to high temperature and has stable chemical properties. It does not react with other elements to produce residual substances.The Ceramic Transducer measures liquid flow rate by transmitting ultrasonic wave in the liquid medium. In addition to flow metering, it can also be used for liquid level measurement.


    -Ceramic material with stable chemical properties

    - Excellent consistency

    - Stable performance

    - High reliability

    More exciting, please come to the Enlit Europe 2022

    Visit Audiowell booth (Booth No.: B3.543-1,Hall12.1)!

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