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    Lead - free Transducer for Ultrasonic Water Meter Debut at Enlit Europe 2022

    2022-11-24 Exhibition

    The annual Enlit Europe, which attracts the attention of the industry, is coming! The exhibition will be held in Frankfurt, Germany, from November 29 to December 1, when Audiowell is will display Lead - free Transducer for Ultrasonic Water Meter for the first time, and promote the green upgrading of water meter application parts with advanced sensor technology and strong scientific research strength.


    Booth information

    Time: November 21- December 1, 2022

    Venue: Frankfurt am Main, Germany(Hall12.1)


    Lead - free Transducer for Ultrasonic Water Meter

    Lead-free Transducer for Ultrasonic Water Meter is an environment-friendly flow transducer based on new material technology. The built-in ultrasonic transducer does not contain lead elements and meets the current international advanced environmental standards. The liquid flow speed can be calculated by measuring the change of ultrasonic speed in the pipe, so that the liquid flow volume during a certain period of time can be calculated.


    - Environmentally friendly piezo material: Lead - free

    - Conform to international potable water standards

    - High and low temperature resistance, high pressure resistance

    - High stability and reliability

    More exciting, please come to the Enlit Europe 2022

    Visit Audiowell booth (Booth No.: B3.543-1,Hall12.1)!

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