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    These "black technologies" of the 2022 Sensors Expo are from Audiowell!

    2022-06-29 Exhibition

    From June 27th to 29th, the Sensors Expo, which has attracted much attention from the industry, was held as scheduled. Audiowell displayed the touch and feedback series and MEMS series new products on the spot, and fully demonstrated the performance advantages of the product in perception and execution through the simulation device, attracting the attention of on-site visitors and guests.

    Piezoelectric technology makes touch and feedback more "smart"

     Different from other pressure sensing solutions, the touch and feedback series solutions developed by Audiowell with piezoelectric technology are more "smart": the targeted DSP processing module fundamentally solves the problem of pressure sensing differences caused by the operating environment; At the same time, the consistency problem of Audiowell's products is handled, so that the products have the function of automatic verification, and can be automatically inspected in the production process to ensure the consistency of product experience.

    More advantage

    The unit cost of Audiowell's overall solution is much lower than other similar solutions

    It can be assembled through SMT process to effectively ensure one-time production yield and ESD requirements

    The overall volume of SOC of Audiowell piezoelectric scheme is less than 2.5*2.5mm, which occupies a small space

    Displayed products



    Piezo haptic actuator


    Haptic feedback actuator

     One touch lights up! At the exhibition site, the application demonstration devices of MEMS series products such as touch system, proximity system, ranging system and buzzer system have brought a new experience to the exhibitors. Through wafer level MEMS micro nano process manufacturing, Audiowell has successfully developed a new generation of micro ultrasonic sensors and chip buzzers, namely MEMS ultrasonic sensors and MEMS buzzers. MEMS series products are small in size and can be driven by 5V low voltage with SMD packaging process. High sound pressure effect can be achieved without boosting.

    More advantage:

    Have signal processing function

    Mature process, can be mass production

    Available SMT packaging process, good stability

    Customizable frequency, size, etc. to help enhance brand identity

    Displayed products:


    MEMS ultrasonic sensor 


    MEMS buzzer

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