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    Audiowell brings advanced piezo haptic series products the Sensors Expo

    2022-06-24 Exhibition


    The Sensors Expo 2022 exhibition will be held at the San Jose Convention and Exhibition Center on June 27. Audiowell's advanced products such as piezo haptic actuator and haptic feedback actuator will appear on the scene. At the same time, the new MEMS series of sensor+test 2022 will be displayed.


    Booth information

    Time: June 27-29, 2022

    Location: San Jose Convention and Exhibition Center, USA

    Booth number: 332

    Piezo Haptic Actuator

    Piezo Haptic Actuator is a kind of interactive actuator based on Piezo Haptic technology. The product has advanced seamless design, which is easier to prevent dust and water, with longer service life and better experience. The products are widely used in intelligent terminals, such as smart phones, laptops, tablets, TWS earphones, smart watches, etc. they can cooperate with the equipment to realize the faceplate non porous design and enhance the waterproof and dustproof performance of the whole machine.



    - Touch mode software customization

    - Reversible spontaneous charge, low power consumption

    - SMT assembly process, easy to install

    Haptic Feedback Actuator

    The haptic feedback actuator belongs to the category of piezoelectric conversion elements, which has a wide range of applications. It can be used for the display touch panel of virtual keys and the interaction between virtual and reality. In the smart home, not only the intelligent central control screen is applicable to the haptic feedback actuator, but also the control panels of induction cooker, range hood, washing machine and other household appliances can apply this product scheme. In addition, the product can also be applied to AR, smart phones, intelligent wear, etc.



    - Different vibration feedback effects can be achieved according to different application scenarios

    - Adapt to the Multi-dimensional requirements of multi-level, multi switching and multi synchronization of the interactive interface

    - Large area vibration feedback function can be realized

    - Haptic feedback effect software customization

    More exciting, please come to the Sensors Expo

    Visit Audiowell booth (Booth No.: 332)! 

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